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MarketSurveys Panel F.A.Q.s


What does it cost to join?

Joining the MarketSurveys panel is absolutely FREE!

Why should I fill out more profile questions?

The more information you give us the more studies we can send to you, and the better chance you will have of qualifying for a particular study. For example, if a car company is looking for people who drive a specific make of car and you happen to drive the make they are looking for, then you would be likely to qualify based upon the information you provided us.

Can I take a survey for someone else?

Sorry, but when you agree to become part of the MarketSurveys Panel we are trusting you to be honest and truthful in your responses. There may be times if you are a parent to participate in surveys with your child.

How can I stop receiving surveys?

To opt out of the panel at anytime please go to

How do I change my email address or other personal information?

At this time, you cannot change your email address. To update your postal address information, simply visit the My Account section of this site and then choose "Edit Contact Info". Your contact information may be managed there.

I did not get my confirmation email upon registration.

It may take a few minutes for our system to send your message out. There may also be some minor delays caused by network traffic at your email provider.

Please also check for the message in any Bulk/Junk/Spam boxes, as email providers will sometimes flag legitimate emails as spam.

We will send several retries if you do not get to click on the first one. If you would like for us to schedule a new message, please click here to complete the request form.

I am not living in the United States; can I participate in surveys and earn MarketSurveys Points?
At this time you must be living in the United States to participate in our surveys. Keep checking the site, in the future we will be able to include members from outside the US.

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