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What MarketSurveys IS

MarketSurveys is a panel of diverse individuals from across America, who actively take part in market research projects.

MarketSurveys maintains a detailed demographic profile on each panelist in order to match panelists with appropriate research projects.

What MarketSurveys IS NOT

MarketSurveys is NOT a pay-to-play site. Registering is free, participation is free.

MarketSurveys is NOT a get-rich-quick-make-hundreds-of-dollars-in-your-spare-time scam. Almost every site out there claiming that you can make thousands of dollars per month just by taking surveys is a scam.

MarketSurveys does NOT collect any banking information from panelists. There's no way we can do anything directly with your bank accounts or credit cards.

Some MarketSurveys History is a subsidiary of The Dohring Company, which was founded in 1986 and is based in Glendale, California. The company has participated in thousands of studies for the market research industry.

In 2009, MarketSurveys made the move to become a panel used purely for research purposes, and to compensate panelists with real money, not just a chance to win.


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